Ask the #EnginEarGuys | Common Terms Explained

By January 20, 2018 Blog

In the first of a series of posts titled, Ask the #EnginEarGuys, Ryan Nolan, co-founder and director of clinical development, will answer your questions about common ear issues.

Today, we’ll start with a common complaint we hear from patients about how doctors often throw around terms during an office visit leaving them feeling a little…perplexed. Ryan explains three acronyms patients often hear, especially right now during cold and flu season:

  • AOE: Acute Otitis Externa is the infection of the ear canal, commonly called swimmer’s ear.
  • OME: Otitis Media with Effusion happens when fluid builds up in the middle ear without pain, pus, fever, or other signs and symptoms of infection.
  • AOM: Acute Otitis Media occurs when fluid builds up in the middle ear and is often caused by bacteria, but also can be caused by viruses.

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