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PhotoniCare is a fast-growing VC funded MedTech company with a mission to improve health outcomes using cutting edge technology. We have developed the first FDA-cleared OCT-based imaging system, OtoSight Middle Ear Scope, for assisting diagnosis of ear infections, a condition that affects 80% of children. The company operates with a philosophy of providing a fun, exciting and collaborative work environment for all team members. PhotoniCare also makes dedicated efforts towards professional and personal growth of all its team.

We are looking for a software engineer to join our team and lead the efforts related to development of OtoSight Middle Ear Scope software that interfaces different hardware peripherals, performs high-speed signal/image processing, extracts information using machine learning and provides a user-friendly interface for the medical setting.

Job Function

  • Maintaining all stacks of OtoSight Middle Ear Scope software with help of external and internal technical team.
  • QML based user interface.
  • Hardware control and interface in the Linux environment on a single board computer. Hardware elements including high-speed cameras, displays, general purpose input/output, wi-fi and others.
  • Signal and Image processing algorithm implementation in C++.
  • Interfacing with the external software consultants.
  • Interfacing with the internal manufacturing team.
  • Maintaining appropriate requirements, design, verification and validation documentation as required by FDA and ISO 13485 standards.


  • Excellent coding and programming skills, and strong problem-solving capability.
  • Strong background in C++ programming.
  • Experience with Linux operating system and application development on ARM-based single board computers.
  • Preferred experience developing applications using QT.
  • Preferred experience with Medical Device software development and related processes.
  • Preferred experience with JavaScript.
  • Expected to be a good team player, with positive outlook and collaborative nature.

Growth Potential

  • The position falls under the technical growth ladder. The candidate demonstrating appropriate performance and skills shall proceed as follows with increasing level of responsibility.
  • Software Engineer – Senior Software Engineer – Senior Software Engineer II – Manager/Principal Engineer
  • Each promotion step is expected in a period of 12-18 months on demonstration of commensurate performance.