Our hand-held tool is an advanced OCT imager in miniature.

The easy-to-use ClearView device is designed to look and handle like the familiar otoscope. The innovations are inside. There are two optical paths: one for the OCT scan and one for the video of the eardrum surface. Accurate OCT images of the middle ear eliminate subjectivity and guesswork for the first time. A nurse-practitioner, physician’s assistant, or technician could perform the exam. This will free up the ENT specialist’s and make lower-cost, objective early screening possible.

handheld with a horizontal angled view

Real-time middle ear morphology plus eardrum surface video.

3-D cross-sectional images of the middle ear are shown clearly on the system’s screen, alongside video of the surface of the eardrum. The physician can evaluate the revealing OCT visual images of the interior of the middle ear without giving up the more familiar otoscopic view. Images can be saved for later analysis with the click of a button.

ClearView Device

Unprecedented non-invasive views of middle ear in 3-D detail.

Peer-reviewed clinical studies of the PhotoniCare ClearView system include comparisons of patients with normal ears, acute otitis media (ear infection), and chronic otitis media. OCT images and otoscopy images, both from our system, were analyzed.  In the visual below, the presence of biofilm is clearly visible in the ear of a chronically infected patient (bottom right). Photos courtesy of the Biophotonics Imaging Laboratory, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Pre-clinical publications