Our TOMi Scope is an advanced optical coherence tomography (OCT) imager in miniature.

Our easy-to-use TOMi ™ Scope is designed to look and handle like the familiar otoscope. For the first time, OCT images of the middle ear can eliminate the subjectivity and guesswork inherent in current diagnostic tools used to determine the contents of the middle ear. Now, a healthcare provider can perform examinations  accurately and efficiently. Early and objective screening of the middle ear infections is the key to delivering better care and reducing costs across the healthcare continuum.

Real-time determination of middle middle ear fluid plus high resolution video images of the eardrum surface.

Cross-sectional images of the middle ear are shown on the system’s screen, alongside high resolution video of the surface of the eardrum. The healthcare provider can now simultaneously  evaluate the revealing OCT visual images of the middle ear while viewing the the otoscopic view of the eardrum surface. Both the OCT and otoscopic Images can be saved for later analysis with the click of a button.