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Empathetic, innovative, and relentless in the pursuit of better ways to support better health outcomes — that’s the PhotoniCare team. We’re serious about building strong relationships with our co-workers and our partners. We’re driven to grow our collective skillset as we expand our product line. But we’re also passionate about keeping our work enjoyable, injecting a little fun into every day.

If you’re intrigued about how empathy can inspire innovation and are looking for a rewarding career change, we’d like to hear from you.

  • Turning Innovation into Impact

    Today our goal is to make a direct impact on the most prevalent pediatric disease — ear infections. But we’re already exploring beyond that application and are looking for team members to offer input and insight as we collaboratively seek new applications. As a team, we collaborate to push the limits of our technology with the goal to bring it to new arenas.

  • Professional Growth Encouraged

    It’s important to us that we provide ongoing professional development for our team. We offer dedicated time and resources to help enhance skill development and expose our team to new challenges and technologies in our field.

  • Fun Rewarding Environment

    PhotoniCare offers a positive work culture that nurtures collaboration. We’re open to new ideas and encourage everyone to bring something to the table. This coincides with our goal to expose our team to new challenges and technologies in our field. Our team members offer direct involvement in the company direction through input and insight into key decisions.

Job Openings

  • Senior Software Engineer or Software Engineer

    PhotoniCare is a fast-growing VC funded MedTech company with a mission to improve health outcomes using cutting edge technology. We have developed the first FDA-cleared OCT-based imaging system, OtoSight Middle Ear Scope, for assisting diagnosis of ear infections, a condition that affects 80% of children. The company operates with a philosophy of providing a fun, exciting and collaborative work environment for all team members. PhotoniCare also makes dedicated efforts towards professional and personal growth of all its team.   We are looking for a software engineer to join our team and lead the efforts related to development of OtoSight Middle Ear Scope software that interfaces different hardware peripherals, performs high-speed signal/image processing, extracts information using machine learning and provides a user-friendly interface for the medical setting. Job Function Maintaining all stacks of OtoSight Middle Ear Scope software with help of external and internal technical team. QML based user interface. Hardware control and interface in the Linux environment on a single board computer. Hardware elements including high-speed cameras, displays, general purpose input/output, wi-fi and others. Signal and Image processing algorithm implementation in C++. Machine learning algorithm implementation in C++. Interfacing with the external software consultants. Interfacing with the internal manufacturing team. Maintaining appropriate requirements, design, verification and validation documentation as required by FDA and ISO 13485 standards. Qualifications Excellent coding and programming skills, and strong problem-solving capability. Strong background in C++ programming. Experience with Linux operating system and application development on ARM-based single board computers. Preferred experience developing applications using QT. Preferred experience with Medical Device software development and related processes. Preferred experience with JavaScript. Expected to be a good team player, with positive outlook and collaborative nature. Growth Potential The position falls under the technical growth ladder. The candidate demonstrating appropriate performance and skills shall proceed as follows with increasing level of responsibility. Software Engineer - Senior Software Engineer - Senior Software Engineer II - Manager/Principal Engineer Each promotion step is expected in a period of 12-18 months on demonstration of commensurate performance. Contact: Download Job Description Senior Software Engineer or Software Engineer


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