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  • Is it dangerous to swim with an ear infection?

    Summer is here, temperatures are rising, and kids want to get outside and cool off. It can be crushing for your little ones if they have to miss out on the chance to go swimming because of an ear infection. But do they have to stay out of the water? In this month’s blog, we explore the differences between swimmer’s ear and a middle ear infection and discuss whether it is safe to go back into the water.

  • How dangerous are untreated ear infections in adults?

    While ear infections—middle ear infections in particular—are more common in children, they are not unheard of in adults. In this blog post we explore the risks and complications of leaving an ear infection untreated in adults.

  • The #EnginEarGuys Look Back at 2018’s Most Memorable Moments

    The last few years have been kind to us at… Read More

  • Can an ear infection cause Tinnitus?

    Fans of the NBC sitcom The Office may remember one of Jim and Pam’s famous pranks, where they softly hummed the same note (but denied hearing anything themselves) until their co-worker Dwight decided he needed to make an appointment with an ear doctor. They called it “pretendinnitus,” based off of a very real ear problem: Tinnitus. In this blog post, we look at this annoying ear problem and its connection to ear infections.

  • A Personal Motivation for a Public Problem

    Given that this is intended to be the first of many conversations, I’ll start by introducing myself. My name is Ryan Shelton. I am a problem solver, a maker, a husband, a father. I love food, coffee, beer, board games, a wide variety of music, traveling, and meeting new people. I am an amateur musician, amateur golfer, and amateur programmer, but I have achieved intermediate status in fort-building and wrestling with toddlers.