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The PhotoniCare team caps off a successful 2019 with a move to a new location

2019 has been a very exciting AND BUSY year for the PhotoniCare team. In particular, the year has brought more growth and movement forward for the staff than ever before. Between funding agreements, opportunities for research studies, multiple industry trade shows, and more, the team has been busier than ever.

If you’re just tuning in, here’s a snapshot of just a few of PhotoniCare’s 2019 highlights:

Over the past year it was becoming very clear that the team required more space to accommodate the growth of the company. So, if the year wasn’t busy enough, the team banded  together and made the move from the University of Illinois Research Park to a new office located on Fox Drive in Champaign, Illinois. PhotoniCare had occupied a space at Enterprise Works, a building within the Research Park, for over four years. First just one office, then an office and a lab, then an additional two offices. 

“The move to the new office space on Fox Drive has been exciting, to say the least,” commented Ryan Shelton, PhotoniCare’s CEO and co-founder. “Part of the move includes a build out of a portion of the office space. So the #EnginEarGuys got to try our hand at interior design! Much of the design, however, was spearheaded by one of PhotoniCare’s engineers, Heather Howard. She helped the team navigate the moving process and make decisions on everything from our new manufacturing layout to the aesthetics – carpet, paint, and furniture!”. 

The Fox Development Corporation recently featured the PhotoniCare team in their tenant newsletter, interviewing PhotoniCare CEO and Co-Founder Ryan Shelton. You can check out that highlight here.

Over the next few months the team, alongside Fox Development Corporation, will continue to build out our space and make the appropriate modifications to support both staff and manufacturing capabilities. We’re looking forward to welcoming the community into our space at an official unveiling set for early 2020. Stay tuned for details!

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