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Meet OtoSight Middle Ear Scope

Eight out of 10 children will have a middle ear infection, and as a parent or caregiver, you know how ear infections can not only be tough for you to manage, but painful and uncomfortable for your child. 

PhotoniCare’s missions is to make a real impact on the health of children. We started with middle ear infections because of our personal experience with this disease, as both parents and patients.

Why OtoSight Middle Ear Scope?

Ear infections are the leading cause of surgery and hearing loss in children, and responsible for $10 billion in related healthcare costs and 30 million office visits each year in the United States alone. What is interesting to note is that the tool most used in the diagnosis of middle ear infections hasn’t changed in over 100 years!  Yes, you read that correctly — the technology in otoscope that is used to visualize the surface of the eardrum, has fundamentally remained unchanged for 100+ years. Although now a bit sleeker and more lightweight, the design and the technology has not changed appreciably, while the need to diagnose acute otitis media (AOM) more accurately has increased dramatically in the age of antibiotic resistance and super-bugs. With a published misdiagnosis rate approaching 50% among primary care healthcare providers*, there is a real need for the OtoSight Middle Ear Scope.


Our easy-to-use OtoSight Middle Ear Scope is designed to look, and handle, just like the familiar otoscope. However, unlike the otoscope, the OtoSight Middle Ear Scope uses an advanced light-based technology called optical coherence tomography (OCT) to see through the eardrum. Now, healthcare providers can view a high-resolution depth image on-screen to learn what’s going on in the middle ear. OtoSight is capable of helping clinicians make better decisions leading to improved outcomes and quicker time to restored ear health.


Ear infections are the leading cause of antibiotic over-prescription and antibiotic resistance development. middle ear scan provide objective data for healthcare providers to increase confidence in their treatment plan. The

The OtoSight Middle Ear Scope has the potential to fundamentally transform the management of middle ear infections. Our long-awaited, non-invasive solution adds objective data to the diagnostic equation, giving hope to improved quality of care for children worldwide. 

*Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med. 2001;155(10):1137-1142.

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